Ripple accounting

NOAH has an important national role in stabilising hazardous waste. NOAH’s activity also has local consequences. Here are some key figures for 2014:

  • 109 local companies with a total of 1300 employees received funding from NOAH
  • NOAH purchased good and service locally worth NOK 131,861,463
  • 4 companies in the local community have a turnover from NOAH, which comprises more than 15 % of their total revenue
  • Employees in NOAH together spend NOK 27,065,439 on goods and services locally
  • Employees in NOAH spend in excess of NOK 44,000 daily on food and drink in local shops – and an additional NOK 2.2 million on local culture and recreational events
  • Through taxes and local value generation, in 2014 alone NOAH contributed NOK 131+ million to the local community in Vestfold.  This means that every working hour, NOAH pays NOK 18 876 back into public welfare