How to Deliver

From the moment waste is produced until it is disposed of, the following treatment pattern applies:

How to deliver?

NOAH assesses in advance all fractions accepted on Langøya. If you want to dispose of your waste, contact one of our team within the relevant segment. Below you will find the information for the relevant delivery.

NB: Please note that a paper-based system for declaring hazardous waste and radio active waste is under development. The website It is the most rational and accurate way of declaring your waste. The paper-based system will probably cease during the course of 2016.


The waste disposer is responsible for documenting the waste in the form of analyses, environmental reports or other chemical surveys. NOAH also has its own laboratory that can help with this work.  As well as documentation, you are required to provide a basic characterisation form, which must be completed. The form is available upon request from NOAH’s marketing department. This information should be sent to NOAG for a pre-assessment.

Logistical solutions

For smaller disposals by car to Langøya, the customer is responsible for transport. The customer or transporter calls NOAH’s receipt department to book a place on the ferry to Langøya. For bigger projects, NOAH can take responsibility for waste transport by boat from the waste location. Contact the marketing department for further information about alternative transport of waste to Langøya.

Quote, prices and delivery terms

Contact the marketing department for treatment and freight costs, and any public charges. Responses to enquiries will depend on the complexity of the waste and the information received. For faster responses, customers are recommended to send all available information.

Receipt agreement

Before any waste can be disposed, a receipt agreement needs to be signed. The receipt agreement contains one or more G numbers, which are the reference of the waste that needs to be disposed of. Any other information, such as prices and payment terms, will also be listed in the receipt agreement. The G number is provided at the ferry booking, or when booking a boat.

Declaration and disposal information

All hazardous waste and NORM waste going to Langøya must be declared. The declaration form (“Common declaration form for hazardous waste and radioactive waste”) can be ordered from NORSAS. NB: As mentioned at the beginning, the website  has been launched by the Environment directorate.  We recommend all our customers to transfer from paper-based to electronic declaration of their hazardous waste. The paper-based system will probably cease during the course of 2016.

The declaration form must follow the waste from its original location, and therefore also acts as a transport document for hazardous freight. Standard waste does not require a declaration form, however documentation such as a delivery note is required.

EAL codes and waste product number

The EAL code represents the European waste list and is a six-digit code. This code indicates the origin, type and properties of the waste. The waste product number is based on waste type or property. Both the EAL code and waste product number must be provided in the basic characterisation and upon delivery for disposal.