NOAH – a leading environment company

Our society is generating increasing amounts of hazardous waste. NOAH therefore has an increasingly important responsibility. The company has thoroughly tested and documented treatment solutions for most types of inorganic environmental toxins, with the exception of medical and explosive waste.

We process hazardous waste originating from both consumers and industrial production. We are also involved in the clean-up of contaminated sea and land areas. NOAH’s treatment plant for inorganic hazardous waste is located on the island of Langøya off of Holmestrand. NOAH also has a waste disposal site for inert waste and lightly contaminated excavation waste in Engadalen in the Municipality of Nittedal.

Our documented expertise and safe chemical processing solutions are the result of 25 years of research and development. Our solutions are modern and continuously developed further based on customer needs, new knowledge and the applicable legislation. NOAH’s expertise solves environmental challenges in industrial settings and that are faced by contractors, waste companies and other operations that generate waste that requires special handling.
NOAH offers customers all necessary services the ensure the cost-effective and safe processing of hazardous waste and contaminated excavation waste.

Removing environmental toxins from circulation

NOAH’s processing methods are effective for various types of environmental toxins that must be disposed of safely by industry, the business community and the authorities. These methods render waste products nonhazardous for both people and the environment. Examples are zinc, mercury, arsenic, lead, metal hydroxide and reactive metals.
NOAH uses the chemistry of the waste to stabilise it, thereby sparing society the use of produced raw materials. This in turn leads to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

NOAH’s skilled workforce is a resource for all those in need of hazardous waste processing. We offer our customers predictable processing capacity, effective processes and safe environmental documentation.
The environmental authorities in Norway and other countries can always rest assured that NOAH’s operations comply with the applicable regulations and permits, that our expertise is kept up to date and that our technical facilities meet the requirements of the BAT standard.

Society can rest assured that our processing of hazardous waste is carried out under safe conditions and does not create undesirable incidents.

Back to nature

Hazardous waste often originates from substances found in nature. NOAH’s methods return the substances to nature through stable chemical compounds.

The results of our partnerships with environmentally aware customers can be seen in nature:

  • Highly contaminated land areas that have been restored to a healthy state, rehabilitated, beautified and made suitable for recreational, housing or commercial use.
  • Sea areas with contaminated sediment where NOAH’s methods have resulted in fresh water with good living conditions for fish and other sea life.
  • Industrial production that has reduced its local and global environmental impact by working with a thoroughly tested and documented recycling solutions for the processing of environmentally hazardous residual products.
  • Langøya off of Holmestrand is an island whose nature has been damaged by over 100 years of limestone extraction, but will once again become an idyllic oasis in the Oslo Fjord thanks to NOAH’s rehabilitation efforts with environmental gypsum.