NOAH AS is 100 % owned by Gjelsten Holding AS. Entrepreneurial spirit, focus and persistence are values that constitute the basis for Gjelsten Holding AS.

Gjelsten Holding generates value through active ownership, and provides its companies with expertise and capital. Gjelsten Holding AS requires dedicated, target-driven and decisive employees. The company is a niche player in real estate, commerce and industry.

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The Gjelsten family

The company logo, containing an eagle and a lily, is inspired by the family arms from Bergen in the 1500s. The family dates back to the Gjelsten farms and Nakken north-east of Alesund.

The family history is steeped in trade and economic development. In the 1600s one of Gjelsten’s ancestors, Magdalene Tørresdotter, was one of the few accounting literate women in Norway. The business that she and eventually her sons ran, consisted both of shipping, timber trade and the fish trade.

From 1871 trade company P. A. Gjelsten ran a substantial business in the trading and shipping from Fiksdal, which until World War I was one of the largest trading centres between Trondheim and Bergen.