NOAH – a leading environment company

NOAH is a broad environmental and resource company. Our clients are Norwegian and Nordic industrial companies, incineration plants, as well as the construction industry. We offer our clients safe handling of residual products and surplus masses. At the same time, we restore damaged nature.

In our subsidiary, Rekefjord Stone AS, we produce high-quality stone products exported to Europe for use in coastal protection, offshore wind development, and asphalt production. Learn more about Rekefjord Stone.

At NOAH, we have a large and diverse competence environment that, in addition to working to provide our customers and society with confidence in the treatment we perform, also spends a lot of time and resources finding ways to utilize resources found in industrial residual fractions and surplus masses from the construction industry.

Nature Restoration

On Langøya outside Holmestrand, NOAH has an advanced treatment plant where we use contaminated residual products from various industries and incineration plants as input factors to produce a stable and safe material used to rebuild the island after decades of limestone extraction. Much of the island has been rehabilitated and made accessible as an attractive recreational area for the population.

The process at Langøya is recognized for its low energy, water, and chemical additive usage as NOAH, through its expertise and technology, utilizes chemical properties in an industry’s residual product to neutralize and stabilize challenging content in other residual products.

Fossil-Free Operations

In Engadalen in Nittedal municipality, we receive surplus masses from construction projects in the Oslo region. The masses are quality assured and used to fill a valley that, upon completion, can be used for agricultural purposes. This is carried out under strict regulations and requirements for cleansing of percolating water to ensure that the surrounding environment is not negatively impacted. Our construction machinery operates on fossil-free energy.

In Oslo, NOAH collaborates with Franzefoss to establish a soil washing plant that will recycle large amounts of surplus masses from development projects.

Collaboration on Climate Solutions

NOAH works along the entire value chain to find good climate solutions for transportation and its own operations. The goal is to halve greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations and contribute to our customers, suppliers, and partners reducing their emissions. In addition to industry collaborations on solutions such as electric sea drones, heavy transport on liquefied biogas, and hybrid technology for cargo ships, NOAH is establishing a center of excellence for collaboration on recycling solutions across the value chain.

Ownership and Organization

NOAH is 100 percent owned by Gjelsten Holding. The company is organized in a group structure where Anders Lægreid serves as CEO, with Tove Stuhr Sjøblom as CEO of NOAH Solutions (Langøya) and Egil Solheim as CEO of NOAH Environment (Engadalen and Rekefjord). In addition, NOAH has a research and innovation department with around 10 employees.

As an industrial player and critical societal entity, NOAH is subject to strict health, safety, and environment (HSE) regulations and contingency planning. The company conducts annual crisis exercises at all operational locations and collaborates with host municipalities and emergency services. Learn more about NOAH’s contingency work.