NOAH is a certified quality and environmental company

NOAH is certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. This involves a continual process to reduce the impact of activities on the island on the surrounding environment.

NOAH is certified according to the ISO9001 (quality) and ISO14001 (environment) standards and meets the requirements of the ISO45001 (occupational health and safety) standard. This is the result of targeted efforts to comply with the demands and expectations of the government, market and other stakeholders.

NOAH’s quality policy:

  • We provide transport, receipt and processing solutions that meet customer demands within the given framework conditions.
  • We hold a leading position in research and development in our sector in order to ensure sustainable services and products.
  • We achieve continuous improvements by rendering processes more effective, innovative and simplified in order to improve performance in all areas.
  • Through our activities, we will have restored or created areas of greater value at the conclusion of operations than on their commencement.

NOAH’s environmental policy:

  • Our activities reflect relevant national priorities and we are a pioneering company for sustainable solutions.
  • Our activities promote a circular society.
  • We never stop working to minimise environmental impact and we enable our employees to consider the environment in the course of their everyday work.
  • We encourage our customers and suppliers to make choices that are right for the environment, providing solutions that take into account people, the environment, resources and the economy.
  • Our business is committed to upholding fundamental human rights and maintaining decent working conditions. We demand accountability from our suppliers and other business associates

NOAH’s HSE policy:

  • We prioritise health and safety over all other considerations in our work and work systematically to make continuous improvements to prevent and minimise risk.
  • NOAH management has special responsibility for facilitating a safe working environment, including good communication, personal development, participation and predictability.
  • NOAH employees are an important asset and have the possibility to influence their working environment. We are all personally responsible for creating a shared culture that promotes our values and involvement and ensures a good and safe working environment.

NOAH assesses its environmental impact every year by reviewing the company’s environmental aspects. Through extensive monitoring of emissions into the air and water, as well as the proper processing and disposal of waste, we work to prevent a negative environmental impact. We document our compliance with the requirements of the applicable discharge permits for our processing facilities (see

In keeping with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, NOAH has identified and assessed all environmental aspects. These are assessed and audited annually in order to evaluate the essential environmental aspects of NOAH’s activities. NOAH’s environmental goals are based on the company’s essential environmental aspects. The materiality analysis for sustainability among employees and external stakeholders corresponds largely with NOAH’s own definitions of essential environmental aspects in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard.