Values, directions and ethics

NOAH’s vision is to contribute to creating both safe and circular supply chains. This is to be accomplished through work driven by competence, accountability and courage.

Competence is a prerequisite in order for us to attain ambitious goals and gaining recognition as a leading actor. We have a long and proud tradition as a knowledge enterprise and this is a label that will continue to guide our work going forward. Competence will continue to be a key component of NOAH’s identity.

Accountability is about being reliable, trusting and showing consideration – for one another, for our customers, for future generations, for the environment and for society.

Courage is about daring, trailblazing, setting a course and leading the way, even when uncertainty and adversaries affect us. NOAH shall lead the way in the development of the environmental solutions of the future.
Our values serve as guidelines when making choices, in our interactions with one another and with the outside world. Our values remind us of who we are and motivate us to make an effort and perform well.


Our vision and values are actively incorporated into the company’s strategic work. NOAH’s strategy towards 2025 can, in brief, be summarised as follows:
NOAH shall be highlighted as an environment and resource company; it shall develop solutions that return resources to society and shall be further developed as a knowledge-based enterprise.

Ethical guidelines

NOAH demands high ethical standards of its employees, of all parties acting on behalf of the company and of our cooperation partners. On this basis, we have established ethical guidelines for both employees and suppliers. They are to guide all of our actions, as individuals and as a company. Please find enclosed our ethical guidelines.

Gender equality and discrimination

NOAH works for gender equality and against discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, childbirth or adoption leave, caregiving responsibilities, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, as well as combinations of these grounds.

Efforts toward gender equality and anti-discrimination are anchored within the company’s management system.