NOAH AS is part of a group structure owned entirely by Gjelsten Holding, a privately owned company established in 2000 by Bjørn Rune Gjelsten.

The Gjelsten Group builds its values on entrepreneurship, focus, and long-term vision. Gjelsten Holding’s strategy revolves around property investment and development, as well as strategic investments in industrial and commercial companies. Learn more about the companies within the Gjelsten Group here.

The Gjelsten Family

The company’s logo, which includes an eagle and a lily, is inspired by a family crest from the 16th century, and the Gjelsten family’s roots trace back to the farms of Gjelsten and Nakken northeast of Ålesund. The family history is characterized by both trade and business development.

Since 1871, the trading company P.A. Gjelsten has operated a significant business in trade and shipping from Fiksdal, which until World War I was one of the largest trading posts between Trondheim and Bergen.