May extend the capability of Langøya until 2030

NOAH is applying for an amendment to its permit in order to extend the treatment of inorganic hazardous waste on Langøya.

Full-scale salt recovery for industrial raw materials at Herøya

There are now plans for a large-scale recovery project at Herøya, where the objective will to be recover salts from fly ash. The project will receive support worth up to NOK 10 million from Innovation Norway.


Langøya is a fascinating island with a unique history. Its future plans are equally fascinating

What is received

Our documented expertise and safe chemical treatment methods have been developed over 25 years. The methods make waste products safe for people and the environment. Examples are zink, mercury, arsenic, lead, metal hydroxide and reactive metals

NOAH and the community

NOAH is a active contributor in the local communities where we operate. First and foremost; we do this by being a safe workspace, a society useful business with good economy and high standards within health, environment, and safety