Emergency information

NOAH has an industrial protection team trained in handling accidents and any consequences thereof. This team has been specially trained and equipped to handle a number of different types of accidents, such as fire or personal injury through to external help.

According to requirements of the ISO 14001, Major Accident Regulations, Internal Regulations, the Working Environment Act and our internal procedures NOAH works purposefully to:

  • Avoid accidents
  • In the event that accidents do occur, that the consequences are as little as possible

 The following principles for chemicals are followed:

  • Strict rules apply to the handling of hazardous waste
  • Only the smallest quantities are ever stored
  • Only small quantities are treated at a time

The risk assessments with associated dissemination analyses show that it is primarily the central areas of the island and the nearest shoreline that would be directly affected during an accident.

Chemical processes are an important part of waste treatment on Langøya. The processes can occasionally emit steam, visible as small smoke clouds. Such emissions are normal and completely safe and should be perceived as a normal part of operations.

Like many other industrial companies, NOAH’s activities on Langøya are subject to the Major Accident regulation. This quite simply means that companies that store or treat larger quantities of chemicals with harmful properties must follow specific requirements and report to DSB (Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning).

Occasionally, other activities take place on Langøya, which could be perceived as strange from the outside. If you are concerned about any unusual activity, please call the company on (+47) 33 09 95 00. You can also contact the police and fire service.