Unique flora and fauna

Langøya has a unique flora and fauna. The old limestone quarries are now being rehabilitated and the areas are being returned to natural landscapes.

More than 130 years of industrial activity have not led to any significant interventions along the east coast or at the ends of Langøya. 400 million year old fossils, cultural monuments from the pre-industrial era and in the re-vegetated area rare flower species such as fly blooms and blueberries grow.

Nature reserves

From the mid-1980s, a number of areas in Norway were protected due to their special nature. On Langøya, the Ministry of the Environment wanted to establish a nature reserve. In 1988, an area of ​​215 acres was protected. The purpose of the protection is to protect an important part of the landscape to understand the fossil-bearing rocks and associated limestone-demanding vegetation. The State Administrator in Vestfold and Telemark monitors the protection regulations.

Recreation area

NOAH has also made parts of the industrial area into recreational areas.

The area is available for day trips, but accommodation is currently not allowed. There are good opportunities for swimming. NOAH usually offers some boat transport to Langøya during the summer.