Corporate responsibility

By actively treating hazardous waste through chemical and industrial processes, NOAH contributes to removing several thousand tons of pollutants from nature’s cycle each year.

Although our facilities, like any other commercial and industrial activity, have emissions, the environmental impact of our operations remains positive. We contribute to a significantly better environment than we pollute. We have good control and continuous monitoring of our waste treatment and environmental impact. This is done through recognized methods, but most importantly through competent staff. Our approximately 70 employees are well trained, including through vocational training, engineering degrees, and other relevant education at the college and university levels.

Hazardous waste contains various health and environmentally hazardous substances. It is a priority political goal to ensure that as much hazardous waste as possible is delivered for proper treatment, thereby preventing harm to people and the environment. Approximately 1.3 million tons of hazardous waste are delivered annually for approved treatment by various actors in Norway. Unfortunately, around 70,000 tons of hazardous waste still go for unknown treatment.