NOAH Engadalen – Largest inert waste disposal site in the Oslo region

In Engadalen, located in Nittedal municipality, NOAH receives surplus masses from construction projects in the Oslo area. The facility has significant capacity and serves as the solution for many of the region’s most important construction projects such as new water supply systems, the Fornebu metro line (Fornebubanen), and the Life Science Center.

NOAH Engadalen offers:

  • Central location near Oslo, 30 km from Sinsenkrysset.
  • Large receiving capacity of up to 750,000 tons of masses per year.
  • Efficient reception with double weighbridges, simplified registration procedures, and billing.
  • Service-oriented staff present throughout opening hours.
  • Wheel washing facility for effective vehicle cleaning.
  • New Agricultural Area

NOAH Engadalen is a project where we transform previously barren and unproductive land into new agricultural areas. We achieve this by shaping new landscapes with surplus masses, compacting them, and finally adding a thick layer of topsoil. When the reception is completed, the area will become productive agricultural land. In this way, we address both the region’s need for mass reception and ensure increased food production for the future.

Fossil-Free Operations

The facility operates with modern machinery running on biofuels. We are proud to say that the operation of the reception facility results in net zero CO2 emissions.