NOAH Engadalen – Largest inert waste disposal site in the Oslo region

In partnership with Hakadal Golfbygg AS, NOAH AS has opened a new staffed waste disposal site for inert waste and lightly contaminated excavation waste in Engadalen in the Municipality of Nittedal.

NOAH Engadalen accepts inert excavation waste from construction projects in the Oslo area in order to ensure safe and environmentally friendly disposal, as well as the possibility to create new land areas that can be used for future business activities.

NOAH Engadalen AS offers the following:

  • Central location near Oslo
  • Filling area with reception capacity of over four million tonnes of excavation waste
  • Competitive conditions
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 7am-7pm and Friday 7am-3pm
  • Modern weighing system with simplified registration procedure and invoicing
  • New and improved access road that guarantees easy entry and exit
  • Environmentally friendly wheel washing facility for effective vehicle washing
  • Own rinsing facility that ensures that the river system downstream of the site achieves an improved ecological condition
  • Service-minded staff that is available during all opening hours