Transport comprises a considerable percentage of the costs incurred by those who produce hazardous waste and transport it for qualified and environmentally responsible treatment. This is why NOAH has developed its own logistics solutions and fully utilises the customer advantage of Langøya’s location.

Car transport

The provisions of the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) apply to all road transport of hazardous materials. The requirements are stringent in terms of both packing and marking. NOAH can assist its customers in finding the best, safest and most cost-effective solutions.

We have practical experience with reliable transporters that we can recommend. It is advisable to contact us as soon as possible to ensure that the local handling can also be tailored to the best transport solution.

Boat transport

We have two quays for the reception of boats with a load capacity of 600 to 3,800 tonnes. One of the quays is designated for the receipt of waste acids. Here, the acid is pumped directly from the tanker into the acid treatment facility. The other quay is adapted to self-discharging boats, whether loaded with bulk excavation waste, containers, large sacks or other types of cargo.

Ferry booking

NOAH has its own car ferry that is used for transport between Holmestrand (Hakan quay) and Langøya. The ferry crossing takes around 15 minutes.

When delivering waste to Langøya, the customer is required to have a scheduled appointment and corresponding appointment number. This number must be provided when booking a delivery and ferry time via our customer portal. If you have any questions regarding the delivery of waste to our facility, you can contact our reception office at +47 917 99 166 or
ALL vehicles destined for Langøya must schedule an appointment beforehand – and no later than 1 pm on the previous day.

Booking is done by phone/email for service cars and our customer portal for all waste deliveries.

Ferry times:

  • To Langøya: 06:45, 07:30, 08:10, 08:45, 09:25, 10:05, 10:45, 11:55, 12:35, 13:15, 13:55
  • From Langøya: Daily at 11:35 and 13:30. Continuously between crossing times (no appointment needed).

Contact one of our sales managers for a delivery quote and partnership with NOAH.