Every year NOAH supports a number of events and activities in Holmestrand and Re municipalities. For several years NOAH has been the main sponsor for the Holmestrand cultural festival.

Our aim is to support activities that benefit as many people as possible, and every year we select a good cause that also gives the company good exposure in the local community. In 2014, together with Holmestrand municipality and other parties, we supported a project that resulted in the set-up of charging stations for electric cars. This means that over 10,000 drivers a year can now charge their electric cars in Holmestrand municipality. Examples of other projects in the local community actively supported by NOAH are:

  • Main sponsor of the Holmestrand cultural festival
  • Cooperation agreement with Botne ski club for the purchase of a slope machine, maintenance and preparation of ski slopes.
  • Holmestrand marathon
  • Falk handball
  • Nature and youth
  • Bellona
  • TV-aksjonen