Ethical guidelines employees

This document details how we relate to one another and our surroundings. All other policies and procedures in NOAH build on these principles. Here is a description of what is expected from managers, company representatives, employees and consultants, as well as middlemen and others acting on behalf of NOAH.


  1. We behave in a way that ensures NOAH’s reliability and integrity.
    It is essential for NOAH to have trust and a good reputation. We are all responsible for contributing to this and it must form the basis of all our work.
  2. We stick to our promises and the rules
    We comply with applicable legislation, rules and standards, even if it involves additional costs or delays.
  3. We prioritise the environment and climate. NOAH is an environment-friendly company. NOAH strives to promote responsible environmental principles and to comply with relevant national and international standards.
  4. We respect employee rights. NOAH ensures its employees’ rights, including organisational freedom and the right to collective negotiations, and prevents discrimination during recruitment and employment.


  1. We make decisions on a solid basis and at the right level Any decision made at the appropriate level is done in accordance with applicable regulations concerning authority. We familiarise ourselves with the current regulations in NOAH and comply with these.
  2. We put NOAH’s interests first. NOAH respects the individual employee’s right to a private life and private interests and requires openness and loyalty in relations to NOAH’s interests. We do not put ourselves in a position where we can come into a conflict of interest with NOAH. We do not use confidential information for personal gain. We solve external issues with our superiors if there is a potential for conflict.
  3. We respect that information is confidential. We do not pass confidential information to third parties without written permission from those who are protected, or where this is covered by law or regulations. The confidentiality clause must not prevent notification of critical conditions.
  4. We administrate information and IT systems responsibly. NOAH treats ad uses information, IT systems and Internet services in a responsible and professional manner. Electronic data stored in NOAH’s IT systems is the property of the company.
  5. We have good internal checks that ensure correct accounting information and quality processes. We ensure we have good internal inspections of the processes we are involved in and by implementing control measures in accordance with documented guidelines.
  6. We have zero tolerance of fraud, corruption, bribery and money laundering. This means that we do not offer or receive monetary or other economic benefits for the purpose of obtaining personal or business advantages for ourselves or others. In NOAH we distance ourselves from all forms of money laundering, and we ensure that financial transactions involving NOAH are not used by others to launder money.
  7. Competitive conditions NOAH has a strong market position This requires that we must consider competitive conditions so that we do not abuse our position or otherwise prevent normal competition.
  8. We are prudent with gifts and other benefits  We are prudent when it comes to receiving or giving gifts our courtesy gestures. We do not accept gifts or any other form of reward if there is cause to believe it will affect business decisions. Gifts or benefits with a set value of below NOK 500 are usually acceptable. Travel and accommodation should always be paid by NOAH. If we are in doubt about gifts and benefits, we must confer with our nearest superior or with the HR department.


  1. We have a special focus on health, working environment and safety (HSE) NOAH must be a safe place to work. HSE is ensured by regular preventative measures and effective internal inspections. NOAH must satisfy national standards in health, working environment and safety. We are all responsible for contributing to achieving these goals.
  2. We promote equality and diversity. NOAH is a company that is characterized by respect and equal opportunities for all through a professional, positive and inclusive work environment. NOAH stimulates all employees, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age or political standpoint, to seek professional and personal growth, responsibility and exploitation of its resources. We are all responsible for helping ensure that discrimination against colleagues or sexual harassment does not take place in NOAH.
  3. We have a drugs-free working environment NOAH has a drug-free work environment and distances itself from combining intoxication and work. We do not tolerate that our work colleagues are intoxicated at work.
  4. We refrain from buying sexual services. NOAH refrains from buying sexual services. In connection with work, presentations and business trips for NOAH, we have a zero tolerance of the purchase of sexual services.
  5. We have the right to speak up about misconduct in NOAH Reporting should be to the nearest supervisor, alternatively to the head of HR. NOAH must protect those who report responsibly.


  1. We set requirements for our suppliers
    We require that our suppliers follow the “Ethical Guidelines for Suppliers” or similar principles.