The future Langøya

Re-building Langøya is a challenging and skills-heavy project.

Our ambition is crystal clear

  • To develop Langøya into an attractive destination in the Vestfold region
  • To build and maintain an excellent infrastructure, excellent services and attractive experiences
  • To provide space for private initiatives and involvement, as well as access to the public. Start “the return” approx. in 2016, completion approx. 2030.

In future, current land use on Langøya will completely change:

Langøya today

  • 688, 800 m² industrial area
  • 10,000 m² recreational area
  • 20000 m² nature reserve

Future use of the area

  • 150,000 m² business area
  • 63,000 m² recreational area
  • 20000 m² nature reserve

This transformation of the island means the future Langøya will consist of 85 % recreational area. Today, 70 % of the island is used for industrial purposes.

Achieving the future Langøya depends on private commitment. Financing must be clarified once the goals have been defined. But with us, there is no doubt: Langøya can become a significant regional resource. That is why Gjelsten Holding is interested in talking to businesses and other interested parties who have the ideas, ability and will to work on this venture. Development of the future Langøya must of course be viewed in the context of further municipal development, particularly Holmestrand and Re.