What is received

NOAH is a pioneering company in the treatment of hazardous waste and contaminated soil.

Our proven expertise and safe chemical-technical treatment solutions have been developed for over 25 years. Our methods make the waste products harmless for people and the environment. Examples are zinc, mercury, arsenic, lead, hydroxides and reactive metals.

Today NOAH is a leading company in this field in Europe. Our plans for the next ten years are to further strengthen our position.

Our solutions are always up to date, and are continually developed based on our customers’ needs, new knowledge and applicable legislation.

NOAHs treatment methods are effective for a number of pollutants that industry, the business community and the authorities need to remove in a safe way.

NOAH processes the wastes in a gypsum matrix that binds and stabilises pollutants.

The iron-rich properties in the gypsum product provide a stable pH factor, which makes it soluble and creates a chemical buffering effect. The result is absorption and stabilisation of the metals under reduced chemical conditions. The pollutants treated in NOAH’s gypsum matrix are therefore isolated and occur without harm to the environment.