§1 Anyone using the open-air areas and nature reserve on Langøya must act cautiously and pay attention to vegetation, wildlife and bedrock. Langøya has many rare insects. Undisturbed vegetation is an important basis for the large diversity of species.

In the Langøya nature reserve, all regulations and traffic rules apply. The reserve’s plant life, including all parts of dead shrubs and trees, is protected.

§2. The areas must be kept tidy and free of rubbish. Waste must be taken home or put in the designated bins.

§3. Langøya is a daytrip area. Camping is not permitted. Boats moored more than one day are obliged to make space to others.

§4. Use of open fire and lighting fires is not allowed outside the allotted fireplaces.

§5. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Any excrement must be removed. Dogs can swim outside the bathing buoys.

§6. The area inside the bathing buoys is reserved for bathing. Boats and surfboards may be used outside the designated bathing buoys.

§7. Much of Langøya is an industrial area. It is not permitted to walk in the industrial area without permission from the company.

These traffic rules apply from 7 February 1996 and are authorized by the Recreation Act § 15.

Access to the industrial area is regulated by fences and signs.