Our expertise

NOAH’s organisation consists of specialists in all functions. We are a typical knowledge organisation and our regulatory permits are based on our skills being documented.

Our skills are important for our customers and the world around us. Everyone must feel confident that NOAH is a professional company with constantly updated skills.

NOAH’s skills are linked to the different functions that the company relies on in our relationship with customers and society. The functions that require specialized skills are:

  • Public Affairs Legal knowledge.
    Contributes to permit acquisition, declarations, and reporting. Has knowledge of Norwegian laws
  • Laboratory.
    Evaluates the waste and find proper, cost effective treatment methods
  • Logistics
    Establishes transport solutions as a part of our services. This ensures fast, and cost effective disposal of both small and large amounts of waste
  • Professional service provision
    Meeting the customer’s demands in regard to time, frequency, and volum
  • Treatment
    Employees with certificate of apprenticeship and experience in safely operating our treatment centers
  • Quality assurance
    Assures that NOAH will at all times meet our internal and external policies
  • Marketing, sales and customer service
    Ensures good, reliable communication with customers and availability in sales and during project implementation.