Emission air

The Environment Agency’s permit stipulates that NOAH must have routines in place to ensure that all emissions into the air are kept to a minimum, and that there are no emissions that could harm people or the environment.

Diffused emissions from production processes, from outdoor areas and loading areas, which can harm or disadvantage the environment, should be limited as much as possible. There are no specific requirements in place for emissions of dust and mercury from individual plants.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) used to conduct annual readings of dust emissions and mercury from the plants. All the readings always fell well within the requirements.

NOAH has now invested in the same type of reading equipment and will conduct the readings themselves. This means the readings can also be conducted more frequently so that the results provide a more representative picture of the emissions from Langøya.

Regular dust readings are conducted in the outdoor areas on Langøya, with respect of the working environment and exposure to employees. The results from these readings fall well within the requirements from the Working Environment Agency.

Individual readings of diffused emissions have been conducted, and also here the concentrations have shown to be particularly low i.e. on a par with what is found in outside air normally.

The reading programme for emissions in the air is regularly revised to ensure continuous improvements and optimum checks.