Self-declaration form for visits to NOAH AS

Self-declaration form for visitors to NOAH during the corona pandemic.

As responsible for the collection, treatment and storage of inorganic hazardous waste from households and industry, NOAH constitutes an important societal function in Norway. NOAH therefore has a strong focus on infection control at all levels to protect its own and other company’s employees and to help prevent the spread of infection in society:

  • All employees and guests are obliged to follow NOAHs infection control guidelines.
  • Separate infection control measures have been implemented at NOAH’s locations.

As a visitor to one of NOAH’s locations, please fill out this self-declaration in advance. The form must be used by everyone who visits NOAH’s locations, also hired workers, but exceptions can be made for drivers who deliver waste and goods.

Fill in the form at the first visit or start of the assignment. If it has been more than a week since you were on one of NOAH’s locations, the form must be filled in again.

If there are criteria on the list that you do not meet, you cannot meet at our locations. Please tell us as soon as possible, and we will find a solution together.

We kindly requestask you to answer honestly and sincerely for the safety of us all.


Self-declaration form: