NOAH makes industrial value chains cleaner

NOAH receives waste for treatment, neutralization and disposal on Langøya. Harmful substances are removed from the cycle to avoid harm to the environment and people. The reception on Langøya is therefore an important national resource that enables a sustainable industry through purification of flue gas from waste incineration and stabilization of waste substances from industrial production.

Requirements and regulations

Reception and treatment are strictly regulated through the Waste Regulations, through permits and frameworks set by the Norwegian Environment Agency. Information about reception is available for everyone and all Nordic waste is reported in detail to the authorities. All international receptions are notified according to regulations and is available on the Norwegian Environment Agency’s website.

Framework for NOAH’s operations

Waste Regulations chapter 11 defines what is hazardous waste and what is ordinary waste. And also whether the waste is to be disposed of in an OA (ordinary waste) or FA (hazardous waste) landfill. And it is the waste producer is responsible who evaluate whether the waste satisfies requirements for ordinary or hazardous waste. At NOAH’s well-equipped laboratory, content and leakage properties are analyzed for safe reception and treatment.