Fishing and recreation

You don’t have to travel far at sea for fish. There are several good fishing spots in southern and northern Langøya.

To find the best spot, we recommend you get to know the terrain. The weather will determine the best place to fish.

Tips: Most people have reported that rod fishing on the island’s west and northern most sides yield the biggest catch.

There are many excellent places to fish in the area – from land or boat in the Holmestrands Fjord or perhaps Sandebukta. Here are but a few:

  • ”Huseodden” just before you get to Smørstein
  • Across the fjord from ”Kalkbruddet” on Bekkestranda
  • From the land outside the camp site on Berger
  • From the piers at Berger or Krok
  • In Holmestrand from the piers in the town

During St. Hans, you have a good chance of catching mackerel.

Other tips: Use a simple herring lures, for example. Stickleback, Jensen lures or similar and a relatively thin string!

Safe trip and happy fishing!